REISHI: Mushroom of Immortality

How does this oriental fungus contribute to health and longevity?

The Reishi fungus has differing names. Scientifically, it's known as Ganoderma lucidum, but you might also hear it called Ling Zhi or "Mushroom of Immortality"

This is a fairly large claim for a small fungus. It looks like there's magic around this mushroom but it is true that the Reishi fungus has been venerated for thousands of years in China, Japan and historically used in Asian countries for health and longevity.

Studies have found that this tough,woody, red-varnished, kidney-shaped, fan-like appearance,and a bitter taste mushroom has promising health benefits to treat illnesses like flu and even cancer. Here are some of the benefits of this fungus:

1. It has the potential to boost your immune system. Probably one of the most significant benefits that this fungus has and there's much scientific evidence that Reishi mushroom is beneficial for the immune system (1) and has an effect on white blood cells (2) that may alter inflammation.

2. It can help calm and combat mood disorders. This mushroom is thought to help reduce fatigue that helps to improve quality of life, wellness (3) and depression (4) based on research.

3. It has an antioxidant qualities (5). Reishi is believed to reduce the risk of many diseases (in particular heart diseases and some cancers). It recovers free radicals from the body's cells and prevents or reduces oxidative damage.

Bottom Line:

The Reishi mushroom is one of the most popular mushrooms that is widely used and consumed until today due to its medicinal and antioxidant properties.

Reishi is super easy to grow or forage, and there are many native varieties found in Australia from down low in Tasmania all the way up to Far North Queensland in the tropics.

The easiest way to consume the immune boosting properties is to make it into a tea, 10 to 25g dried simmered for 20mins will extract the medicinal polysaccharides. You can also remove anti inflammatory triterpenes by soaking reishi in high proof alcohol for 6 weeks. Mix the two together and you have made an amazing tincture for your good health!

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