FUNGAL WIZARDRY 101   Join Urban Kulture on our new virtual tour of Australia as we bring you a  wonderful short course of hands-on skill development in gourmet mushroom cultivation! It only takes us an hour to teach you how to grow your own  mushrooms at home via our video workshop. You will receive  instruction on growing: Oyster, Shiitake, Pioppino, Lions Mane, Reishi  and many other varieties of mushrooms using our super simple low tech  methods. This is our introductory 1.5 hour hands on based workshop that covers the home scale production of mushrooms from grain spawn, using non-sterile techniques that require no special equipment. You will  learn the steps involved to produce mushrooms from grain spawn by creating fruiting bags utilising various substrates. We will teach you to create your own fruiting blocks using five different urbanly available substrates: cardboard, paper pellets, hardwood pellets, spent coffee grounds and straw.  These types of mushrooms can be grown indoors in small spaces so it doesn’t matter if you live in a van, an apartment, a farm or a mansion. This is the easiest, highest success rate low tech method around. Mushroom growing is for everyone!  INCLUDED IN THE TICKET PRICE: ​- Live presentation of terminology, the cultivation cycle, mushroom varieties, food sources and our very own method of cultivation - On demand access to a recording of our webinar and course materials available to you online with unlimited access. -  Lifetime membership to the Fungal Wizardry 101 group on Facebook for ongoing support and education in your mushroom cultivation journey  (VALUE: PRICELESS!) ALL THIS FOR ONLY $60


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