Ultimate Fungal Wizardry 


Get unlimited access to all 4 of our workshops plus 2kg of Grain Spawn for only $99!!


Join Urban Kulture on our new virtual tour of Australia as we bring you our wonderful short courses on skill development in gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation! It only takes us an hour and a half to teach you how to grow your own mushrooms at home via our zoom workshop. 


In 2021 we are offering 4 our wonderful workshops for the price of 1!


In the live workshop we will get you going with FUNGAL WIZARDRY 101: Making fruiting kits from spawn. 


You will learn how to prepare 5 different urbanly available food sources for your mushrooms to make a total of 40 fruiting kits from the bag of spawn we give you! A single oyster mushroom fruiting kit ranges from $20 to $30 retail and they make great presents!


Once you have grown your mushrooms learn how to use the waste stems from your grows to continue the culture growing in our on demand MUSHROOM MAGIC course. Turn 25grams of inedible oyster stems into another 10kgs of oyster mushrooms!


To take your growing to the next level, take on our FUNGAL WIZARDRY 2.0: GENERATIONS. Here you will expand on your knowledge from wizardry 101 and learn to expand your spawn further to get even more mushrooms. One 2kg bag of spawn can result in up to 400kgs of mushrooms with these expansion techniques!


Finally, you will also learn the art of outdoor wizardry which is all about growing mushrooms on logs and creating outdoor mushroom beds. You will have unlimited access to the recorded webinar in our OUTDOOR FUNGAL WIZARDRY course!


These types of mushrooms can be grown indoors and out and in small or large spaces so it doesn’t matter if you live in a van, an apartment, a farm or a mansion. 


These are the easiest, highest success rate low tech methods around. Mushroom growing is for everyone!




- LIVE presentation of FUNGAL WIZARDRY 101 including terminology, the cultivation cycle, mushroom varieties, food sources and our very own methods of cultivation.


- ON DEMAND ACCESS to a recording of our FUNGAL WIZARDRY 101 webinar and course materials available to you online with unlimited access. (VALUE $60)


- 2KG OYSTER MUSHROOM GRAIN SPAWN. You will learn to turn this into 40 grow kits (These make great gifts) which can produce up to 50 kilos of mushrooms by following our techniques! (VALUE: $47)


- LIVE FOLLOW UP CALL: One hour show and tell follow up Q&A zoom meeting for any troubleshooting and going through the next steps of the process (This will happen 2 weeks after live course: VALUE: $50)


- LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the FUNGAL WIZARDRY 101, FUNGAL WIZARDRY 2.0, OUTDOOR FUNGAL WIZARDRY AND MUSHROOM MAGIC private groups on Facebook for ongoing support and education in your mushroom cultivation journey  (VALUE: PRICELESS!)


- LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free unlimited access to our on demand MUSHROOM MAGIC (VALUE $30), OUTDOOR FUNGAL WIZARDRY (VALUE: $50), and FUNGAL WIZARDRY 2.0 courses (VALUE $60).


That is UNLIMITED access all 4 of our courses for as long as you like!!




This is by far the best value mushroom cultivation course available in Australia. Come grow with us at the School of Fungal Wizardry!


Gift certificates have no end date. To use your certificate select a date you would like to attend either at a live location or via webinar and then contact Aaron at support@urbankulture.com.au to book.