Outdoor Fungal Wizardry: Log Inoculation, Outdoor Beds & Straw Bale Grows. Level: Beginner Join Urban Kulture on our new virtual tour of Australia as we bring you a wonderful short course of skill development in outdoor mushroom cultivation techniques! In only an hour and a half, we will teach you how to grow your own outdoor mushrooms at home. You will receive instruction on growing: Oyster, Shiitake, Pioppino, Lions Mane, Reishi and many other varieties of mushrooms using our super simple low tech methods. This is our 1.5hr video course that covers the home scale production of outdoor mushrooms utilising dowel spawn and grain spawn, using non-sterile techniques that require no special equipment. You will learn how to inoculate hardwood logs that can produce mushrooms for up to ten years! We will also show you how to make straw bale fruiting bricks, outdoor king stropharia beds and oyster mushroom patches. Outdoor mushroom techniques can be utilised in the garden or even on a balcony in pots and tubs so it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a house, mushroom growing is for everyone! INCLUDED IN THE COURSE PRICE: - 1.5 hour course video showing the process and teaching the basic terminology and technique used in outdoor mushroom cultivation. - Unlimited access to the video and course materials available to you  for simple repetition. - Lifetime membership to the Outdoor Fungal Wizardry group on Facebook for ongoing support and education in your mushroom cultivation journey (VALUE: PRICELESS!) All this for only $50


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