Temperature Range: 12 to 24 degrees


Difficulty: Beginner



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  • Turkey Tail Mushroom

    Fast Grower  and easy to fruit 

    Best grown on Hardwood Sawdust

    Most popular species under cultivation are naturally wood-inhabiting fungi.

    Sawdust is mixed with wheat bran at 5-15% and gypsum at 2-3%, and filled into autoclavable bags.

    The bags are sterilized for a minimum of 1 hour at 121°C (15 psi when at sea level).

    Note sterilization exposure times vary depending on pressure and elevation. 

    The substrate is cooled to at least 25°C (approx. 80°F) then, inoculated with grain or liquid spawn and incubated at an appropriate temp for the species until colonization is complete.

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